Energy Audits

Having an energy audit is a fantastic way to review and reduce your energy use. Our team of experts will help you look at overall consumption, as well as how much energy each piece of equipment in your home or business is using. Then we’ll offer recommendations to help you cut energy use – and your bills.

By doing something as simple as just changing light fixtures, some of our customers have been able to save as much as 80% on their lighting costs.

What’s included in a Roo’s Electrical energy audit?

We start our audits by measuring your electrical currents over a period of time. From that information, we work out how much power each appliance/device uses and what it’s costing you to operate. We’ll also monitor systems for a period of hours at different temperatures.

After reviewing and analysing this information, we’ll provide recommendations to help you save on your power bills. These recommendations can be things such as changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs, putting in LED lighting, improving insulation and/or replacing appliances that are energy-inefficient.

Business energy audits

For businesses, our energy audits use a 3-phase power data logger which focuses on individual items that use power. We record power usage over a set period of time, analyse the data, and come up with recommendations based on your needs and budget.

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