Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best...

Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best way we know how – with our craftsmanship and diligence in maintaining the highest standards regarding our safety measures.

The latest news of COVID-19 has us doubling-down in our safety processes.

Clients can be assured that we are implementing the highest standards regarding hygiene, sanitation and safety so we are more prepared for the increased need to protect our community.

This means social distancing within our own company: implementing sensible rostering, using individual vehicles and tools to minimise contact between workers, hand sanitiser in each vehicle; and exercising extra precautions while working onsite: minimising close face-to-face interactions with our clients and not allowing sick employees and contractors to work.

We’re keeping a close pulse on the latest updates and will be in touch directly with our clients should any changes occur.

Thank you for your continued support in our work 🙏

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A business cannot survive without a committed relationship with its community and customers. At Roo’s Electrical, we are your true locals and our commitment is to solve every one of your electrical needs using quality products, delivered with outstanding service, attention to detail and genuine care.
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