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A business cannot survive without a committed relationship with its community and customers. At Roo’s Electrical, we are your true locals and our commitment is to solve every one of your electrical needs using quality products, delivered with outstanding service, attention to detail and genuine care.
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Roos Electrical Energy Audits

Energy Audits

With energy prices rising, many customers are focussing on how to get their bills down, but are not sure how. For example, did you know that for some of our customers, something as simple as changing light fixtures has saved as much as 80% on their lighting costs.

The team at Roo's Electrical offers on-site energy audits for homes, farms and businesses to review power use and explore ways you can save energy and money.

What’s included in a Roo’s Electrical Energy Audit?

We start our audits by measuring your electrical currents over a period of time. From that information, we can work out how much power each appliance/device uses and what it’s costing you to operate. We’ll also monitor systems for a period of hours at different temperatures.

After reviewing and analysing this information, we will provide recommendations to help you reduce energy consumption and subsequently save on your power bills. These recommendations can be things such as changing to LED lighting, improving insulation, replacing appliances that are energy-inefficient and/or installing solar.

Business Energy Audits

For businesses, our energy audits use a 3-phase power data logger that focuses on individual items that use power. We record power usage over a set period of time, analyse the data, and come up with recommendations based on your needs and budget.

If you have any more questions about our energy audits or would like to book a consultation, simply click the button below.


    Our friendly electricians take the time needed to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of your technology, the solutions needed and how your current systems can be improved to increase efficiency and cost savings.


    To ensure we meet our customer service focus AND green ethos, we only use quality products with lengthy warranties to protect your pocket and our planet. With product warranties of up to 25 years on solar equipment, 15 years longer than the standard, you will have peace of mind that you won’t be caught out having to replace your panels as soon as the buy back period ends.


    With Roos Electrical, If you choose green, you get green. It may sound obvious, but it’s not always the case. Inferior products, even those regarded as environmentally friendly, that are faulty or fail, often before standard warranties end, continue to put pressure on the planet due to the need for disposal and replacement.