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A dodgy solar installation that ends up a shambles (like the one shown here) is more common than you think…especially if you invested in the system because of PRICE and price alone πŸ’°…but here’s what you don’t know ⬇️. It’s a common practice for companies to advertise solar on price without pointing out exclusions in their fine print. This is actually what our company gets called out to do – which is to fix dodgy installations. To avoid thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs, make sure you arrange a site visit before installation and work through this checklist: βœ… An energy audit. βœ… A discussion of the different locations for the solar panels and other equipment. βœ… Have your switchboard, sub-board, sub mains and wiring inspected to make sure they are up to standard. βœ… The creation of an agreement that states equipment specifications, system configuration, installation location and scope of works before the installation starts. For more tips on how to protect yourself from a dodgy solar installation, drop us an email on [email protected]

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