10 Oct, 2021

How Will Solar Energy Work You?

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that is created by capturing light from the sun. Solar panels placed on top of a building convert sunlight into electricity, which is then used to help ...

3 Oct, 2021

Did You Know We Service The Agricultural Industry?

We work directly with a number of farms – including customers in the poultry, pork and dairy industries – as well as providing repairs and maintenance for grain handling facilities and farm worksh ...

26 Sep, 2021

Why The Roo's Energy Audit Is Essential To Your Solar Solution

We start our audits by measuring your electrical currents over a period of time. From that information, we can work out how much power each appliance/device uses and what it’s costing you to operate ...

19 Sep, 2021

How We Tailor Our Solar Solutions To Your Home

Your solar energy system must be as specific to you as your fingerprint. The layout of your block, roof structure, neighbouring buildings, family size and lifestyle are but a few important aspects tha ...

12 Sep, 2021

With Roo's Electrical You Know Exactly What You're Getting

We don’t give our quotes until we’ve been visited your site! Although it’s common for companies to advertise solar based on price, there are often hidden costs and exclusions in the ...

5 Sep, 2021

Book Your Business In For An Energy Audit & Start Saving

What’s included in a business energy audit? At Roo’s electrical, we use a 3-phase power data logger that focuses on individual items that use power. We record power usage over a set period ...

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