4 Dec, 2019

What our Green Ethos Means

Installing panels and inverters is just the tip of the iceberg with our work. While minimal maintenance is a big bonus with solar, it’s worth giving a little TLC every now and again to ensure ...

27 Nov, 2019

We Work on Large Scale Projects

Just a little insight on the scale of projects our team has had the pleasure of working on! We’ve had the opportunity to work on large, full-scale industrial projects, helping businesses utili ...

20 Nov, 2019

Check your Warranty

It’s just not just the quality of the products that count ☝️! When it comes to solar products, quality is just ONE piece of the of puzzle. The warranty plays a key factor in protecting yo ...

13 Nov, 2019

Here's the Truth about Solar

Here’s the truth about solar 📣. It’s not as simple as tacking on solar panels to your roof… In order to make the most out of your investment, there are a lot of elements to co ...

6 Nov, 2019

The Benefits of Solar for Commercial Businesses

That’s a lot of solar energy ☀️! Commercial and industrial businesses can benefit heaps from switching to solar – it’s so advantageous that it has the potential to positively affect ...

30 Oct, 2019

What goes behind a Solar Installation?

There’s a lot that goes into a solar installation. Regardless of whether it’s for a residential unit or a large-scale commercial business, there is a lot of preliminary planning that goe ...

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