1 Nov, 2020

There is NO Cookie-Cutter way to Approach Solar

Your solar energy system must be as specific to you as your fingerprint, and that’s the reality. There is NO cookie-cutter way of approaching solar. Before installing a solar system for your ...

25 Oct, 2020

Make an Easy Switch to Solar

A clean, renewable energy source that is created by capturing light from the sun. This does not only generate power for your home but also feeds extra electricity back into the power grid, generating ...

18 Oct, 2020

Looking to Lower your Energy Bills? We Can Help

Are you looking for a lower cost for your bills? With electrical bills on the rise, installing solar panels as your source of energy will help you reduce the cost of heating your pool and using air ...

7 Oct, 2020

Look Beyond the Price Tag – Why Making a Real Investment in Solar Matters

“You get what you pay for…” does this statement ring a bell 🤔? This rule rings true when it comes to solar. The longevity of your solar equipment is relative to the value you&r ...

30 Sep, 2020

Don't Hire a Solar Cowboy to make the Switch

This industry is filled with solar cowboys 💥…this is what you need to look out for when it comes to making the switch ⬇️. Many solar companies have gone bust before the warranty period ...

23 Sep, 2020

What to Look for with Warranties

Are you covered with the right warranty 🤔? While the solar equipment you’ve invested in might be covered with a certain warranty, this doesn’t mean that your investment is completely ...

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