19 Mar, 2020

Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best...

Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best way we know how – with our craftsmanship and diligence in maintaining the highest standards regarding our safety measures. The lates ...

18 Mar, 2020

Here's what we can Accomplish When it comes to Design Fixtures

Even though our projects entail a lot of technical work, there are times when we get called to install stylish fixtures like this one. Recently, we installed this beautiful chandelier for a client. ...

11 Mar, 2020

A Good Start of our Project

THIS is key to a successful project ⬆️ . Keeping things neat and tidy saves our customers time and money when we arrive for a job – this is what sets us up for success, regardless of whether t ...

4 Mar, 2020

We love Work Views like this One!

Another beautiful day at Gawler, done and dusted. Whether it’s the beginning of the work week or the start of it, nothing beats working with these views.

26 Feb, 2020

Upgrading Outdating Homes

Ain’t she a thing of beauty 😍. We gave this new and updated switchboard a nice home, which turns out to be a home from 1952! When you own an older home like this one, it’s essential t ...

19 Feb, 2020

Here's what a Good Solar Install Looks Like

We’re always proud of how our solar installations look 💪. We always have a sense of pride in getting these solar panels positioned perfectly. There’s definitely no haphazard tacking ...

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