4 Apr, 2021

The Actual Costs involved with Solar Energy

Wondering how much energy you’re actually generating through solar? Here’s a quick snapshot of one of our smart systems in action! When it comes to solar energy, we don’t want our ...

28 Mar, 2021

We Make it Easy for you to Make the Switch

When it comes to solar, many of our clients are ready to jump in, head-first. But we also understand that it’s essential to know what you’re getting into, before investing! That is why ...

21 Mar, 2021

We Are Reputable Electricians in our Trade

Are you searching for reputable, trustworthy and experienced electricians to execute mass maintenance on your building? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Our professional and skilled elec ...

14 Mar, 2021

How to Gain Independence from the Grid

Don’t let be left out in the dark! With SA experiencing hotter summers and inclement weather during the cooler seasons, it’s essential to ensure that your home and business still generate ...

7 Mar, 2021

We provide Repairs and Maintenance Services Too!

Need to repair an electrical fault or do an entire electrical check for your home? This is something that many homeowners fail to do until it’s too late! Protect your home and family and tak ...

28 Feb, 2021

We Can Do It All!

Consider us a one-stop-shop for ALL of your energy needs. We value creating long-term relationships with our clients. While many of our residential clients come to us for various electrical services ...

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