We provide all residential electrical services for lighting, power points, stoves, ovens, hot plates, smoke alarms, hot water services, under floor heating, pool and spa pumps, air conditioning, exhaust fans, ceiling fans and antennas.

Our residential electrical services include:

Clipsal Saturn Series Switchgear

  • Wiring for internal and external lighting and power
  • Phone and antennae installation and testing
  • Safety switches and smoke detectors
  • Installing low-energy downlights and heat shields
  • Exhaust and ceiling fans, ovens, cook tops
  • Installing bathroom 3-in-1 combination units
  • Switching and sensor lighting
  • Final sub-circuits for air conditioners and evaporative coolers
  • Additional or new circuit provisions to provide better power distribution
  • Replacement or upgrade of switchboards to update with circuit breakers and safety switches
  • Surge protectors
  • Meter box/switch board upgrades or relocations
  • LED lighting
  • Solar System design & installation
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